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Following the Dubai government’s goal of becoming the blockchain’s world capital, Royal Kingdom Enterprise Ltd focuses on contributing to the development of business solutions based on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. To achieve this objective, the company promoted an ICO on July 11, 2017 through the commercialization of its Token named Royal Kingdom Coin, represented by the acronym RKC.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Royal Kingdom Enterprise launches itself into the market driven by the innovation opportunity connected to Blockchain technology, acting as a transforming agent in social and corporate scenarios. The organization offers B2B solutions to business customers as their goals and areas of expertise are moving ever more towards the direction of the bright new world of blockchain technology.

This sector has been growing quickly, its activities started with Venture Kingdom, a platform that concentrates financial solutions by providing a payment gateway system associated with a centralized multi-currency exchange. Its next step was the creation of RKE IT Solutions, focused on customization of the white label and development of web solutions for corporate clients.

As the world embraces Blockchain technology, Royal Kingdom Enterprise seeks to deliver innovations such as the first distributed exchange called Tomorrow, which is under development and will have its beta version released on July 24, 2017, so the community get used to it and can also use it to acquire the Royal Kingdom Coin token during the ICO, which starts on July 11 at 22:00 UTC (+00).

In order to move forward with the development of innovative projects, Royal Kingdom Enterprise starts its ICO campaign, so we invite everyone to revolutionize this interaction by developing projects that bring solutions to people and companies around the world.


It takes an inspired team to build something striking, so each member of our team loves innovation and the idea of creating value as much as we do, so we are united by our mission to build innovative products in one of the industries Most exciting in the world: blockchain technology.


Nowadays Dubai is the most appropriate place in the world to start the development of blockchain-based prototypes, and has become incubator of startups for this market segment. In this regard, we aim to make Royal Kingdom Enterprise a benchmark in software development, blockchain applications and smart contracts for public and private institutions.”

Royal Kingdom Enterprise Limited is a brand and project manager that follows a transformation management process geared towards innovation in order to create fast solutions tailored to the needs of the market. For the company, it is fundamental to deal in a coherent and transparent way with the various audiences that relates to itself, with the intention of managing its business on the concepts of transparency and sustainability. Therefore, it is essential to broaden everyone’s understanding of their projects, get to know the current projects of Royal Kingdom Enterprise:

These are some of our solutions

With a focus on several sectors of the market, based on Blockchain technology applications, Royal Kingdom Entreprise generates flexibility and adaptation that results in a wide range of investment possibilities in new projects.

Payment Gateway

System that integrates ways of receiving, paying and exchanging multi currencies in a single tool.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

It is an online multi-currency exchange platform that allows the trading of digital assets.

Mobile App

We provide the services needed to design, build and track the evolution of mobile applications.

Token And Coins

Development of digital tokens for organizations wishing to open virtual capital.

Kingdom Card

Connect your Kingdom Card to your e-wallet of our projects to facilitate your financial interactions.

Blockchain Applications

Development of solutions for various market niches, based on Blockchain technology applications.

Custom Software

Specific software development to meet the needs of your business.

White Label

The grant of use for a technology developed by RKE, but with the costumer’s visual identity and brand.


A new way to contribute to innovation becomes real through
the advances of Blockchain technology

ICO is an important and transformative step for the development and expansion of Royal Kingdom Enterprise projects, therefore we invite you to know and partner with our company through your participation in ICO to build through this participation a path towards creation of value to society using Blockchain technology applications in favor of expanding the Crypto Economy.

Royal Kingdom Enterprise Limited decided to seek initial funding to promote the development of its projects by creating their own digital tokens called Royal Kingdom Coins, represented by the acronym RKC.

The total issue is 15 million of RKC tokens, being 18% of this amount (2.7 million) available for purchase during the ICO on the Royal Kingdom Enterprise exchange platform Venture Kingdom. The ICO comprises a total of 8 stages: ICO Planning, Pre – Sale, Marketing, ICO Opening, Tomorrow Exchange (beta), ICO Closure, Official Trading Opening of RKC and 1st payment of the participation in the company profits.

To access the full prospectus with the phases and terms in ICO you can access our White Paper.


The Token Royal Kingdom Coin is an ERC20 compliant smart contract at the top of the Ethereum Blockchain. They were issued 15,000,000 RKC, this amount is fixed, no one can issue more coins.

We dedicated a pool of 20% to the public offering of currencies, 2% of this quota being sold in the pre-sale period, so in the ICO it will be possible to acquire 18% of the tokens issued (2,700,000 RKCs) and these will be frozen in the wallets of the purchasers until the end of the initial offer.

The remaining 80% are owned by the organization’s shareholders. Due to the 82% (shareholders + pre-sale) context being a significant amount, we make sure to add in the smart contract rules that make it difficult to quickly sell or transfer a significant amount of tokens.

Token Name
ICO Start
Token Supply
Total % ICO
Pre sale ICO
ICO pool
How Will It Happen

During the ICO the token holders will receive the RKC immediately and will have their coins frozen in their wallets and will only be able to sell them at the Official Trading opening on the Venture Kingdom and Tomorrow Exchange. When the initial coin offer finishes the remaining tokens will be distributed by the smart contract between the holders of the RKC, thereby subsidizing who purchased the currency during the ICO.

Upon completion of the ICO, the contract will send the Ethereum to a multisig wallet belonging to the team with a certain % entering into a Smart Contract that will distribute the Ether appropriately based on goals set in the roadmap and paid according to the Time Limits Measures to achieve those objectives.


The market will determine the value of the coin. The initial price is set to be $0.10, but the algorithm in the smart contract is going to increase the price slightly every time someone buys a token. The algorithm, being programmed to increase the coins price continuously and indefinitely will serve as an anti-inflationary measure based on Moore’s Law. That means that we’re going to discover the market valuation of the token, and at some point, during the sale, the price will rise.

This means that the sooner you buy, the better is the price.

1 RKC = $0,10 = Starting Value


To participate in the ICO and acquire Royal KIngdom Coin, we offer two ways:

On the Venture Kingdom platform you can buy the token, register and deposit BTC or Ethereum in your wallet and wait for ICO to open on July 11 to buy the RKC token.

It will be possible to acquire RKC directly through ICO’s smart contract address, this address will be available here 24 hours before the opening of ICO.

Smart Contract

Send the ether directly to the smart contract.

Venture Kingdom

Use our centralized exchange platform.



Holders of the RKC token are entitled to receive monthly profit sharing, this bonus will be paid proportionally to the amount of tokens that the user holds in their wallets on Venture Kingdom and Tomorrow Exchange at the time the payment split is made. The first distribution of profit sharing will take place on February 1, 2018.



We will use part of our profits to project the appreciation of the Token RKC and a massive shortage of coins, avoiding the dump.



Holders of RKC tokens will be able to use them in the future as a form of payment for the purchase of services and products from Royal Kingdom projects, which will be set soon.



Holders of the RKC will be able to interact and profit from currencies in a number of ways. It will be traded as any other digital asset on the Venture Kingdom and Distributed Exchange platform (COMING SOON) after the official opening of trading at the end of ICO.

with the funds raised?

Participating in an organization’s ICO means understanding and believing in the potential of its projects, an action that turns ideas into reality. In this way, with the funds raised, we will provide the development of the projects proposed by Royal Kingdom Enterprise allowing the expansion of the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Royal Kingdom Enterprise a real business entity?

Yes, Royal Kingdom Enterprise is incorporated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, registration number ICC20170182. Located in Suite 2508, Level 25, Jumeirah Business Center Tower 1.

Where can I see the source code for the smart contract?

What currencies do you accept for token purchase?

To buy Royal Kingdom Coin on Venture Kingdom platform you need deposit Ether.

How can I see the current RKC price?

You need to check the RKC´s price in real time on Venture Kingdom.

How can I see how many tokens are left?

The amount of tokens purchased, as well as the quantity still available in real time will be presented in the main banner of this site, click here and check it out.

Why are not you using escrow?

Because a smart contract is taking care of it. Blockchain technology protects everything and enforces the rules described on our site.